OSHA Safety Training for the Entertainment Industry

Reading Resource Information

Dr. Davidson’s Eye on Theater Health and Safety

Dr. Randall Davidson

ISBN 159879742-5

The Backstage Handbook

an illustrated Almanac of Technical Information

by Paul Carter

Broadway Press

120 Duane St. #407

New York, NY 10007

ISBN 0-911747-29-x

(if you purchase only one book on this list make it this one. JCS)

Excellent reference for all stage hands, basic knowledge for all apprentice stagehands ie: identification of hardware, basic materials understanding.

Graphics for the Performing Arts

By Harvey Sweet

Allyn and Bacon, Inc.

7 Wells Ave.

Newton, Ma. 02159

Drawing, Drafting and Costume rendering for the stage. Useful for design students.

The Grip Book

or How to Become a Motion Picture Film Technician

By Michael G. Uva 

Independent Cinema Technology and Videos

24307 Majic Mountain Parkway  Suite 40

Valencia, CA. 91355

Phone 1-805-296-0276

The Ashley Book of Knots

By Clifford W. Ashley

ISBN 0-385-04025-3

(The Bible of Knots –JCS)

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide by Monona Rossol

ISBN-13: 978-1581152043

ISBN-10: 1581152043

Stage Rigging Handbook

by Jay O. Glerum

ISBN – 008093-1744-3

Introduction to Fall Protection

J.Nigel Ellis, PH.D., CSP, P.E.

ISBN 0-939874-97-0


Riggers Handbook

Slingmax Rigging Products

PO Box 2423

Aston, PA 19014-0423

PH 800 874 3539

Basic Machines and How They Work

prepared by the Bureau of Naval Research

ISBN 0-240-80354-x

Wire Rope Users Manual

Wire Rope Technical Board

PO Box 286

Woodstock, Maryland 21163-0286

PH 410 461 7030